Senanayakians are always in solidarity for its Alma Mater ...............!


Now all the Senanayakians - the Old and the present joined their hands in the great event of refurbishing   the R.I.T Alles Hall -one and only land mark of DS history to the name of the  greatest pioneer and the example setter of the education History of Sri Lanka, none other than honourable R.I.T Alles, our most  honoured Principal  of our Alma Mater. 

Making this a dream come true contribution project  towards this grand construction  has begun  with the  stimuli  of engraving the names  of those who financially join hands with this , on a  plaque .

Senananyakians never unshakable  at challenges......! 

DS 'Mihindu Perahara" -contemporary momentum ...........


Mihindu Perahara- 2011 at DSSC grandly coincided the Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi Anniversary. This was held today with the participation of the large gathering of Primary DS sons clad in white and holding the lotus flowers together with displaying  the  painting of Sangamitta Thero  followed by the Perahara participants.

This was adorned  by the troupe of drummers of Primary oriental Music Troupe'

May the rays of Poson glitter  all over............. 

Senanayakians- stepping towards to be academics.........................

DS Sons after their O/L achievements  flocked to the Main Hall on 2nd of June .2011 to line up in the respective streams - Science ,Maths, Commerce and Arts -  in their A/L s  classes . One time star pupil and a renowned son of DS  Mr Uaya Gammanpila - Minsiter of  Provincial Council  and the Principal Mr D.M.D. Dissanayake high lighted the  DS sub culture and the norms in their valuable speeches .

We welcome the New Comers............................................!      


R.I.T Alles Hall Refurbishment Project


Old Boys Association has undertaken  the refurbishment Project of the R.I.T. Alles Hall Project 

Picture shows the proposed Additions and Alterations to the Multi Purpose Main  Hall.

DSSC goes hand in hand with National Celebrations...........



To mark the occasion of assuming the office,   for the  second term  ,  by  His Excellency    the  President     Mahinda  Rajapaksha  ,D.S.Senanayake College hoisted  the National flag  at the morning assembly and  the  Guest speaker's  address was delivered by Mr R.P.S. Rajapaksha  highlighting the development footing –the country on and  other progressive tasks  for his land of Birth  towards  the  "Miracle of Asia" .

We Senanayakians – The Principal, Academic and Non academic staff and the  students warmly congratulate you Honourable Sir,  His Excellency the President in your future endeavours .    

DS Prefect Guild on a Community Social Service Project

kebithigolleva 027.jpg

DS Prefects Guild - always volunteers to engage in   social welfare projects- initiated a great social deed being on the concept - from haves to have-nots -   selecting an under privileged school in Kebithigollawa , Thiththagonawa Mahavidyalaya in Anuradhapura District.

 This event is one of the annual events in the Prefects guild calendar. Thithagonawa Mahavidyalaya-heavily affected by terrorist’s activities in the yester year as a border village- has 300 student population and 15 teachers in the staff. It has only 4 buildings but all are not usable. 13 of our   prefects and three teachers became a life wire to them renovating the existing library by colour washing and furnishing with chairs and desks for the first time.  Volley ball court in their school was merely a piece of land but our prefects used their brawns’ to uplift it to the standard of the same in their alma mater.

 They became brave enough to provide electricity facility, with the close co-ordination of the area branch of Ceylon Electricity Board, to their main hall. This great task was closely monitored by our Dear Principal Mr. D.M.D. Dissanayake whose endeavoring efforts made this project a great success.

In the same project, our prefects even wired the main hall .Our prefect’s face lifted all the buildings by  colour washing them. Teacher’s pupils and well wishers in Thiththagonawa area were highly jubilant at this most inspiring social welfare work by our future leaders - generous Prefects Guild of our alma mater.

Whole this program was closely scrutinized by the Principal and the teacher in charge of the Prefects Guild Mr. B Senewirathne.

We Hail You-   Prefects..........................     

DSSC keeps abreast with the National Felicitation Program...................................


D.S.Senanayake College, today,  initiated to  celebrate  the  occasion of the second term of  office of President  Mahinda Rajapakshe  , by launching a grand Tree Plantation Campaign  to coincide the event  of planting  1.1 million saplings Island wide today .

This is  a sole and a pure brain  child of  His Excellency The President Honourable Mahinda Rajapakshe ,alighting an aspiration of igniting a flame of hope to smell our Enviornment Sweeter which would conduce to  thrive  our  atmosphere in the aroma  of rejoice .

We,  being the  Senanayakians, are greatly  proud of being part and partial with this prime objective .

The Principal Mr D.M.D. Dissanayake , Senior Deputy Principal Mrs Lilani Samaranayake , Deputy Principal Mrs Ajantha  Pahathkumbura  together with Assistant principals, Sectional Heads. Teachers and the pupils very enthusiastically engaged in planting varieties of saplings in the school premises.

Our Congratulations................................!    

EDUCATION “The SUNDAY TIMES” hails the alma mater - Sunday November 14th

 2010.D.S.Senanayake College stands among the best

D.S.Senanayake college Colombo 7, one of the leading disciplined schools in the island with a short span of history of 44 years was established in 1967 by Mr. R.I.T. Alles, whose fame as an educationist has spread beyond our shores..The school has maintained a good reputation from its inception, where the ambience that promotes a healthy learning culture stems primarily from the charisma of the head of the school . The great success of DSS College is still appreciated by everybody as a top class disciplined school.

D.S.S College being a fully owned state institution with state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures a conducive environment for learning through personalized techniques of imparting knowledge. The quality of inputs by the parents and other associations connected with the school is greatly appreciated today and stands as a reputed and disciplined school in the country, which carries a Motto 'Country before Self.The brotherhood that is inculcated among the students of the school from its inception is still prevalent. The use of the word SON or PUTHA in Sinhala to a student by a teacher is not alien to the school. This promotes kindness, respect to the teacher and discipline among the students and brings out worthy citizens to the country.

  Principal-Mr.D.M.D. Dissanayake
The school has gained many achievements of excellence both in the academic and non academic fields, locally and internationally. As a truly multi ethnic, multi religious college it has proudly created an unblemished and prestigious record of excellence in academic , sport and community leadership of highly innovative and patriotic individuals to the motherland. The present principal Mr.D.M.D.Dissanayake, who assumed duties on September 9 2010 as the 7th principal of the school has spelt out his vision for the school very clearly by giving preference to academic activities and discipline as top priority. Under his guidance many projects for the development of the school and the society would be planned for the future. The promotion of extra curricular activities and sports will be of vital interest to the turbulent world of today. 

 Principal- Mr. D.M.D. Dissanayake.

Under the present administration every child will be encouraged to participate in some form of extra curricular activity. This helps the child to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. An all round education given with love and care together with strict discipline will be a set standard at D.S.Senanayake College says the new principal. D.S.Senanayake college being a school with a short span of history of 44 years is not second to any of the schools in the island in maintaining discipline and trend setting new projects for the betterment of the children. Mr.Dissanayake says that the development of new projects and facilities to uplift the standard of the education and extra curricular activities has to be met on par with the society's need.                       

We will not leave any stone unturned to achieve our objective says the new principal, as the school does not have the word “impossible “in its vocabulary. The primary sector which is categorized by the Ministry of Education as the Model primary will be further developed to give the children more facilities. Under the proposed new management a joint commitment of the administration board, teachers, parents, students, Old Boys' Association and the School Development Society will work together to achieve a common goal. 

Annual Blood Donation Campaign at DSSC


Annual Blood Donation Campaign was held on the 15th October 2010 at School premises. It was great success  with the enthusiastic donors .

May all donors be blessed ....................!

Let's start Dengue Prevention Program............


As initiated most of the  social  events by the Senanaykians  yesterday they volunteered to initiate the Dengue prevention program at the College .  The program was launched by  making floral tributes  by the  honourable Minister of     Education , Deputy Minister of Education , Honorable Minister of Health,  Army Commander  and the  Principal  to  the  War Heroes Monument .

The most significant feature of this program is seeking the assistance of  Sri Lanka Army  - to give  an  energetic tone to this program.

The program was followed by delivering speeches to high light the gravity of this deadly menace.

May Dengue menace eradicate from our Mother land................. 

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