Runners Up in Gymnastics


The Gymnastic Club of D.S.Senanayake College emerged  runners up at the All Island Gymnastic Tournament  held at Sugathadasa Stadium on the 13th September 2009

Congratulations sons........................!

Western Province Schools Games - Gymnastics 2009


It is with great proud we state that our college gymnasts have achieved successfully at the above mentioned competition, held on 23 May 2009 at the Sports Ministry Gymnasium.

Their tremendous achievements are as follows;

U 15 Boys    Pasindu Welikala        Floor Exercises      1st place

                                                         Roman Rings        1st place

                                                         Parallel Bars          1st place

                                                    ��    Vaulting Table      2nd place

                                                         Horizontal Bar      2nd place

                                                         Pommel Horse       3rd place

                     Isuru Rathugama         Floor Exercises      3rd place

                                                         Vaulting Table      4th place

                     Nipun Ranasinghe       Parallel Bars          4th place

U 17 Boys    Kamila Sugathapala    Vaulting Table      3rd place

                                                         Pommel Horse       4th place

                                                         Horizontal Bar      4th place

U 19 Boys    Imad Asmone             Floor Exercises      1st place

                                                         Vaulting Table      1st place

                                                         Roman Rings        1st place

                                                         Parallel Bars          2nd place

                                                         Horizontal Bar      2nd place

                                                         Pommel Horse       3rd place

The above gymnasts have qualified for the All Island Schools Games Gymnastics competition, which is due to be held in September 2009.

We congratulate on their achievements..........

Sports Aerobic Champs

Our school Aerobic team emerged overall runners up and our Under 15 team emerged Champions in the Under 15 category at the Sports Aerobic Championship 2009.

Our congratulations .........!

Aerobic Experts


Our Aerobic experts made versatile performances in a versatile style at the recently concluded All Island Sports Aerobic Gymnastic Tournament organised by the Sports Unit  of the Ministry of Education.

Their unique acheivements as follows.

Overall Runners - Up Boys

  • Under 11 Boys
    • Individual
    •      First Place             -    W.B.W.Y.B.Mahela Yapa Bandara
           Forth Place            -    Sachin Sulakshana Udatiyawala

  • Under 13 Boys
    • Champs Under 13 Boys
    • Individual
    •    First Place            -    Pasindu Madujith Welikala  
         Third Place            -    Nipun Sachintha Ranasinghe
         Fifth Place             -    Uwage Nirmal Aravindu

    • Trio
          First Place            -    Pasindu Madujith Welikala                 
                                       Nipun Sachintha Ranasinghe
                                       Uwage Nirmal Aravindu                     
         Second Place      -       Isuru Priyasan Rathugama                
                                        S.N.Anushka Heshan Dias
                                        N.H.M.W.W.D.Sandaru Bandara  
    • Group
          First Place            -    Pasindu Madujith Welikala                 
                                       Nipun Sachintha Ranasinghe
                                       Uwage Nirmal Aravindu                     
                                       Isuru Priyasan Rathugama                      
                                       S.N.Anushka Heshan Dias                     
                                       N.H.M.W.W.D.Sandaru Bandara
  • Under 15 Boys
    • Runners Up - Under 15 Boys   
    • Individual
    •     First Place            -    Kamila Chamath Sugathapala

  • Under 17 Boys
    • Champs Under 17 Boys   
    • Individual
    •     First Place            -    M.Imad Faihan Asmone

International Arena for DS Son


Proud to note Heshan Rashad D.S. Son and leading Gymnastic player of Sri Lanka Junior National Gymnastic team, consisting only 5 members is leaving 27th November in 2007 to Syria to represent 10 th Asian Junior Gymnastic championship. He is going to represent our motherland after bagging 6 gold medels in all 6 apparates.

More International Achievements in Sports


Kamila Chamath Sugathapala hailed the school tresspassing  the Sports Aerobic representing  Sri Lanka Schools National Team and  participating in the 7th National Sports Dance and fItness aerobic Championship held at  Lakshmibal National  institute of Physical Education Gwalior ,India  At the same Isuru Prashan Ratugama placed  the second in the   Single men category. Achievements  Kamila Chamath Sugathapala -

  • Men's Single(Junior)                 First Place           Gold
  • Men's - Four category(Junior)   First Place           Gold
  • Men's Double category(Junior)   First Place           Silver

Isuru  Priyashan Ratugama       Men's Single Category(junior)   Second Place   Silver 

    Congrats on your  excellent  performance

U/17 Gymnastic Championship

DS Gymnastic  players  could mingle with other champs of the school showing their unstained calibre  by becoming over all runners  up in the under 17 Championship of  National School All Island meet , organized by Education  Ministry.



Gymnastic was  started in school on the  26th February 2000.

Captain: T.Heshan
Senior Captain: Imanth Asmun

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