We Senanayakians  are highly privileged   and delighted to celebrate the first year anniversary of the assumption of duties by our Dear Principal Mr D.M.D Dissanayake at  D.S.Senanayake College . This great event was coincided with a  religious observation  held at the school shrine room, renovated under the close scrutiny of the Principal and the Buddhist Association . On September 23rd the very day of the Anniversary  , the inaugural Buddha Poojawa  organised by the Buddhist Association was held under the guidance of venerable  Borella  Athula Thero to invoke blessings to the Dear Principal  and the school .

The speedy development  projects  are refurbishment work to the Main  Hall  - once stagnant and dilapidated  for a  longer period , face lifting to the school entrance , modifying the school flag posts ,expansion work to the administrative office  ,renovating work to the school hostel specially housing with a facilitated kitchen and a hostel library  and also we must thank our Principal for declaring a hostel day providing an opportunity for the DS Hostlers to  recreate  with the neighbouring school hostellers .

Continuing his unending tasks, Senanayakians were pupilised with Basketball pavilions ,Sports administrative office complex ,expansion work to the sports ground and the Tennis court new Science laboratories  for year 6,7,8.9  ,upgrading the A/L  Science Section,  introducing monthly  health screening programs , continuing the remaining work of the Primary building Complex, providing  equipment to the Radio Club by the Tamil Section under the instruction of the Principal  , turfing the new ground , encouraging the school Agriculture unit to cultivate food crops in the school premises under the concept of "Api wawamu Rata Hadamu" and upgrading the school internal communication system .

Sir, We are so grateful to you for your  smooth guidance for  all the activities in this school. together with engaging in the  the social and community works  like Cancer Hospital Alms Giving and rendering a helping hand to the under privileged schools in the remote areas .

Sir We - Senanayake Sons ,staff ,OBA ,SDS and the well wishers are so grateful  and owed to your committed and dedicated  services , while anticipating the same to our Alma mater, by promising and swearing that we would be right behind you always like  unshakable pillars.

Sir,  You are a trend setter at DSSC