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Asian Junior Individual squash championship 2011

We Senanayakians are proud to have represented  H.R.H. Laksiri, W.M.W. Shamil, D.S. Gunawardhena, Lakshan Navodya at the Asian Junior Individual squash championship 2011.Our Congratulations ! 

Senanayakians Superb Squashers

Indomitable DS Squash Champs have snatched the prevailing squash Championship from the Royalists after a considerable couple of years  , in  Inter school  Squash Tournament .  For this great  victory International level Players like Ravindu Hasantha Laksiri has dominated the game with his  usual  and superb  calibre . The Principal , teachers  other colleagues  and well wishers are immensely proud of your  excellent  achievement .

Our Congratulations................!

DS Squshers bring International laurels


Superb DS Squash players displayed their talents in Squash at the Milo All Star International Junior Squash Tournament 2010 , This was held from June 6th to 12th in Kuarlampure  .Malaysia.Leading DS Squash players Ravindu Hasantha ,Udantha Indeerwara Hewage ,Sahan Sandeepa and M.W.M Shamil played under the age categories of 13.15,19 .

They contested with more than 15 countries ,specially the leading countries like India Malaysia and Pakistan. Ravindu Hasantha emerged Champ in the classic played event .

Our Congratulations dear Players for your great performances....................!

DS Squashers - glitz of repertoire

Victorius minded  DS Squashers vanquish the  opponents  and become Squash champs at the recently concluded Open Squash Championship Tournament organised by the Sri Lanka Squash Association .

They were dominant in all age groups and brought laurels to the Alma Mater proving they are the state-of-the-art  players  in the field . We are Proud of their  grand performances......

Our Champs -U/11 M. Hakeem,         Runner up  Lakshan Navodya

                   U/13 -M.W.M Shamil

                   U/15 - Udantha Indeewara Hewage

                   U/17 - Ravindu Hasantha

Other Achievements -U/9- 3rd place- I.R Ashwin  , U/17- 4th place- Udantha Indeewara Hewage ,          U/19 - 3rd place Ravindu Laksiri    

  Congratulations ................................!

Squash Victories

Feathering DS squash players displayed their talents in the squash arena of Royal College Squash Club open championship 2009,on 27th and 28th of February .Boys under 13 category 1st place was bagged by H Ravindu  Laksiri .  U15  category  1st and second places were   secured by H. Ravindu Laksiri  and Udantha Hewage respectively. 

Our  warmest congrats to you …………….!