Sports Complex

Grand access to all Indoor Sports Events D.S. Sports Complex, locating in a serene atmosphere welcome all indoor sports lovers with all modern sophisticated facilities and spacious vehicles park. All you are welcome for reservations to the following.


  • Table Tennis
  • Squash
  • Badmintation
  • Gymnastic
  • Indoor physical exercises with latest equipments

Charges as follows

D.S.Senanayake College Gymnasium & Basketball Court Charges & fees

The following charges are effective from 01/06/2007.

GYMNASIUM Badminton, per hour/ one court Table Tennis per hour/ one table Squash per hour Gymnastic per hour
Weekdays 5.30p.m - 8.00pm Rs.200/= Rs.150/= Rs.200/= Rs.150/=
Weekend 7.30a.m - 8.00pm Rs.200/= Rs.150/= Rs.200/= Rs.150/=
charges:- per Day (8.00am - 8.00pm) Rs.10,000/=
Each extended one hour Rs.1,000/=
Refundable amount of Rs.3,000/= has to be paid.
With Electricity Rs.1,000/= per hour
Without Electricity (Day Light) Rs.400/= per hour
Gymnasium Tel : 011 - 5342284
Manager 011 - 2698251 Ex 416
Prefect Of Games 071424 2421 Mr.J.A.K.Janakantha
Deputy POG 0777588687 Mr.M.Samarakkody