Barberic and treacherous LTTE cold bloodedly snatched the unarmed young lives of worthy sons of our Alma Mater day prior to the 60 th Independent Day of mother Sri Lanka, on their way back from a BaseBall Competition held in Kandy.

After a long journey with humour and fun in the apartment of Kandy train bound to Colombo as witnessed by the other victimized patients at the NHSL still undergoing treatment, they anticipated a smooth stationary at the Pettah Railway Station on this dooms Day Sunday the 3rd of February, 2008. But all our sons - Kolitha Kumara Mahamudalige (A/L 2007 Commerce), Rajarathnem Radeeswaran (O/L Tamil), Vimukthi Sajan Thewarpperuma (A/L Maths), Supun Hallala (A/L Commerce), Dinuth Priyasanka (After O/L), Thiwanka Thisera (A/L Arts), N.M. Eranda Chaturanga (After O/L), Malinda Arumadura (BaseBall Coach & Old Boy) were perished in a trice tragically by the suicide bomber, bewildering all the Sri Lankans and sinking their parents and all Senanayakians in bereavement and making a great crater to the DS BaseBall Team.

This makes Sri Lankan great history upside down since this is the first instance of total massacre of school children by a LTTE suicide bomber. When the whole nation mourns, school with the pioeenring leadership of the Principal Mr. Ashoka Senani Hewage together with tutorial staff, SDS and OBA organized a grand funeral committee to perform their funeral rites keeping abreast with their next of kins, coinciding to pay some funeral rites (Pansakoolaya) to some of their remains at the R.I.T Alles Hall in the evening of 4 th February. Furthering to share the sorrow and to invoke the blessing to their souls, school held an almsgiving to more than 25 Bhikkus following a Dhamma Desana, on the 11 th of February at the R.I.T.Alles Hall.

You may undoubtedly experience the gravity of their sorrow from this paper extract of "Sunday Island Sport Star"(February 10th 2008) page 6 under the title "Relatives bury DS BaseBall players amid shock and sorrow", - President Mahinda Rajapaksha sent an aide to read a message vowing revenge against the Tamil Tiger rebels, but Ratheeswaran's mother, Wasantha, refused to accept the letter when the emissary tried to hand it to her.

"Publish this in the papers, but give me my son back", she wailed.

May All You Attain Supreme Nibbana..................!


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