Radio Electronic Association

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AGM (2007/2008)of the radio and Electronic Club was held in october.     

All the broadcasting within school, and equipment required for sound is supplied by this club. Presently we handle video coverages within the school as well. We also accept providing services for neighboring schools.

committeeOur committee members
Sajith Pushpawela
Dasitha Karunajeewa
vice President
Lakshutha Perera
Ast. Secretary
Hansaka Perera

 Pubudu De Silva
                                                                            Aloka Bopage
logo                  Ast. Treasurer
                Risira Arantha
               Sajith Lakshan
                  Shammi Shashika
                        Rajitha Thalakotuwa     



 The Radio Electronics Association of D.S.Senanayake College has been an active club right through out and had achieved many goals.

          Our main responsibility as a radio club is to ensure good quality sounds & video recordings to school’s main occasions. Some of the events we have assist include morning broadcasts, Pirith festival, main meetings ’ARUNALU’ musical show, prize giving , Colors night and special occasions. We have given our support for ‘SWARNABIMANAYA’ festival by supplying sounds. These events are very small part in our way. We are proud to say that our club is often invited by other school to assist them in their events.

          The biggest achievement was to longue the 1school radio station in Sri Lanka, named as ‘NINNADA’. We have done a FM radio station with Devi Balika Vidyalaya. We did a Television workshop for school students in many rural districts last year sponsored and lectured by Swarnawahini media.

Television workshop event pictures


Television workshop


Television workshop


 Television workshop

Television workshop videos

For More Information Contact

   Dasitha- +94775-485316
   Sajith   - +94774-441716
   Hansaka - +94718161231

DSS Icon Related News

45th Birthday Celebration

We celebrated our 45th school Birthday to day. All night pirith was chanted to invoke blessings to the school followed by a Dana to the Buddhist Priests. Birthday was celebrated with the blessings of the Catholic, Hindu & Muslim blessings.Principal, Western Province agriculture minister Mr. Udaya Gammanpila addressed the students assembly

Senanayakians are always in solidarity for its Alma Mater ...............!


Now all the Senanayakians - the Old and the present joined their hands in the great event of refurbishing   the R.I.T Alles Hall -one and only land mark of DS history to the name of the  greatest pioneer and the example setter of the education History of Sri Lanka, none other than honourable R.I.T Alles, our most  honoured Principal  of our Alma Mater. 

Making this a dream come true contribution project  towards this grand construction  has begun  with the  stimuli  of engraving the names  of those who financially join hands with this , on a  plaque .

Senananyakians never unshakable  at challenges......! 

DS 'Mihindu Perahara" -contemporary momentum ...........


Mihindu Perahara- 2011 at DSSC grandly coincided the Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi Anniversary. This was held today with the participation of the large gathering of Primary DS sons clad in white and holding the lotus flowers together with displaying  the  painting of Sangamitta Thero  followed by the Perahara participants.

This was adorned  by the troupe of drummers of Primary oriental Music Troupe'

May the rays of Poson glitter  all over............. 

Senanayakians- stepping towards to be academics.........................

DS Sons after their O/L achievements  flocked to the Main Hall on 2nd of June .2011 to line up in the respective streams - Science ,Maths, Commerce and Arts -  in their A/L s  classes . One time star pupil and a renowned son of DS  Mr Uaya Gammanpila - Minsiter of  Provincial Council  and the Principal Mr D.M.D. Dissanayake high lighted the  DS sub culture and the norms in their valuable speeches .

We welcome the New Comers............................................!      


R.I.T Alles Hall Refurbishment Project


Old Boys Association has undertaken  the refurbishment Project of the R.I.T. Alles Hall Project 

Picture shows the proposed Additions and Alterations to the Multi Purpose Main  Hall.