English Literary Association


The Executive Committee 2010 

President                                 : Chandrindu Abeykoon

Secretary                                 : Aqeel Shafi

Treasurer           (Debating)   : Abdul Baasit                           

                             (Drama)        : Chalana Wijesuriya

Vice President  (Debating)   : Amaz Irshad                          

                             (Drama)        : Lahiru Manchanayake

Asst.Secretary   (Debating)   : Sachindra Sanders                        

                             (Drama)        : Waqar Ameen

Asst.Treasurer  (Debating)   : Ahamed Iqraas                          

                            (Drama)        : Zakir Shibthy

Editors                                      : Charith Wijerama                                           

                                                     Minidu Chandragupta                           

                                                     Siyath Ranatunge                                                  

                                                     Naveen Nishane

Coordinators                           : Oshan Darmaratne                                                                               

                                                     Yesin Sinhawansa                                             

                                                     Minsar Aslah                                              

                                                     Yaseer Younus


 The Best Actors of the Shakespeare Drama Competition.


Name School  
1975 Chanaka Amaratunge St. Thomas' College  
1976 Richard de Zoysa St. Thomas' College  
1977 Christopher Ponniah St. Thomas' College  
1978 Christopher Ponniah St. Thomas' College  
1979 Chandri Peiris St. Thomas' College  
1980 Ravi John St. Joseph's College  
1981 Pritiviraj Sivananthan Trinity College  
1982 - -  
1983 Jivaka Candappa St. Joseph's College  
1984 Ranesh Peiris St. Thomas' College  
1985 Nishan Mutukrishna St. Joseph's College  
1986 Sean Landsberger St. Joseph's College  
  Sohan Perera St. Joseph's College  
1987 Vipula Amarasinghe D.S. Senanayake College  
1988 Peshala Medagama Trinity College  
1991 Feroze Kamardeen D.S. Senanayake College  
  Arjuna Vignaraja Royal College  
1992 Vinod Senadeera St. Thomas' College  
1993 Makshood Meera Saibo D.S. Senanayake College  
1994 Makshood Meera Saibo D.S. Senanayake College  
1995 Makshood Meera Saibo D.S. Senanayake College  
1996 Alein Caspersz St. Joseph's College  
1997 Ishraq Wahab St. Peter's College  
1998 Indika Mananwatte Royal College  
  Jake Orrlorff St. Thomas' College  
1999 Brandon Ingram Wesley College  
2000 Kusal de Silva D.S. Senanayake College  
2001 Vihanga Kusal Perera Kingswood College  
2002 Chamath Arambewela D.S. Senanayake College  
2003 Rajiv Ponweera St. Joseph's College  
2004 Aslam Marika Trinity College  
2005 Sashane Perera D.S. Senanayake College  
2006 Wasam Ismail St. Peter's College  

DSS Icon Related News

DS to perform at Shakespeare Finals

Production  from D.S.Senanayake College  "Romeo & Juliet " is to perform at the finals  of the  All Island Inter School Shakespeare  Drama Competition organised by the Y.M.C.A   of Colombo.

English Activity Day - A/L


English Activity Day, another turning point in D.S calender among the other co-curricular activities will be staged making the venue at R.I.T Allas Hall on 23rd of October, with numerous activities like dramas,musical shows ,paving the way to enhance aesthetic values and fluency of the language particularly among the A/L pupil community who are at the threshold of inculcating leadership qualities.

We wish all the success.........