D S Senanayake College History

The need to educate Children by admitting them into Schools of high standard grew daily. In 1965 the unlimited number of requests to admit children into the Royal College Primary was amazing. By 1966 this problem became more arrogant. Under these circumstances that Minister of Education Hon I M R A Iriyagolla took the initiative to build a new school in Cinnamon Gardens immediately.

Mr. M J Perera, Secretary to the minister who was in charge of finding suitable land was able to locate an empty block of land by Gregory's Road that was formerly used by the Navy. Permission to occupy the land was granted to the Ministry of Education by the Ministry of Defense & the Municipal committee of the area. Thus, plans were made to start the new school immediately.

The construction of a building to insert the first batch of students was undertaken by the State Engineering Corporation under Professor A N S Kulasinghe.All the expense were beared by the Ministry of Education.

Mr. R I T Alles, a teacher of Royal College was chosen to become the Head Teacher of the new school. Mr. Bogoda Premarathne, Principal of royal College released him with his blessings for the venture. Furthermore, the Cadet Group of Royal College cleared the land area infested with snakes to build the school. The New school building, the backbone of the school was built on the spot that was called "Kumbi Kalei".