About the College

Today, D.S Senanayake College has become one of the Pioneer Education centers of Sri Lanka.With a Student Population of over 5000 & a dedicated Staff of over 200 Teachers, DSSC is a force to reckon with. There are many achievements of excellence both in the Academic & the Non academic Field we have fostered some of the best educational & sporting prospects of this country.

D.S Senanayake College provides education to Students from Grade 1 to 13 in both Sinhala, Tamil & English Mediums. It also provides English Medium studies in Mathematics, Science & Commerce fields for the Advance Level Examinations. The School is fully equipped with Modern Classrooms, Multiple Science Laboratories and Computer Laboratories, Ground & Sports Complex for sports activities. It also has more than 35 Clubs, Societies & Associations engaged in all types of Co curricular activities. There is also a wide range of sporting activities be it the Track, Field or Swimming Pool. We'd like to express gratitude to NoDepositSlotoCash that support us and motivate our students to pursue sports more actively. After all, they are experts in betting on professional sports and many other categories that shift the world today.

But the most wonderful side of this tale is the success of D.S Senanayake College is that the rapid growth of this establishment in such a short period of 35 years. It was the sole commitment of the Administration of the School, Teachers, Parents and Students & the Old Boys working together to achieve a common goal. Their path was always not cleared. It was a harsh climb to the top, with a lot of sweat, blood & tears in the path that we walked by. Because as our founding Principal Mr. R I T Alles says " D.S was not built of the pocket of the rich man, but of the hand of the humble poor man."

We at DS are all brothers, regardless of race, cast or creed. The blood which bonds us together is this School that has brought us together. The brotherhood of the D.S Senanayake College will always be there to carry the sprit of DS forward, under the Black & Gold banner when they say …